I started The Clothing Warehouse in 1992 with several goals in mind: to work for myself and to work in the clothing industry. I knew nothing about vintage clothing other than I loved the clothes and wanted to find a way to make my living in the business.


After graduating from Ohio University, I borrowed $5,000 from my father and rented a warehouse that I promptly filled with all sorts of used clothing. The Clothing Warehouse was born.  The highs were high and the lows were low but after years of persistence, trial and error I found a formula that worked.  I opened more stores and started a wholesale vintage clothing warehouse, which is where I spend my time today.


We’ve scaled down the retail business to our flagship store in the Little 5 Points section of Atlanta.  A must see if you’re in the area.  Our vintage wholesale division recently relocated to the vibrant downtown arts district of Vero Beach, Florida.  This central hub of the wholesale division is where we buy, grade, sort, sell and ship all our vintage clothing.


Most of our business is done over the phone with customers we’ve had for years. Feel free to call and find out what’s in stock, get suggestions on items that are popular or general information on all things vintage. If you’re in the area and can visit, please stop by our Vero Beach location.  We’ll give you the tour, talk vintage clothing and help you in a any way we can.  I look forward to seeing you.